From cherries to matcha tea: The nine metabolism-boosting foods, proven by science, that can help you lose weight

Well, number one is matcha tea. I did a presentation on matcha tea two weeks ago.  I let people try my heritage grade and it tasted lovely with its extra rich savory umami flavor.  I do also have a slightly lower price point matcha that is ceremonial grade and a lovely tea itself bright green and the broth is a grassy green.

Yerba Mate is on the list as well as beet juice, cherry juice, white kidney bean, and black pepper.  All things that are tasty, good for you, and help you lose weight.

You still need to eat healthily and exercise, but if you are having a hard time losing weight, it would not hurt to add matcha tea and/or the other items on this list.  Probably best to add a few from the list, especially if you like to consume them.